Community Services Mission Statement – 2018/2019

I am Marjanne Geeraert, and I am honored to serve the Edmonton and District Quilters’ Guild in the role of 2nd VP, Community Services. Quilting has long been my creativity and artistic passion, and I am looking forward to enhancing that by managing Community Services. I hope the inspiration spreads to you all!

Community Services volunteers
Meet our community services volunteers:

  • Elsie Montgomery
  • Sharon Pisesky
  • Mary Jowett.

Please feel free to approach any of us with any concerns/issues/questions/completed projects/desires to do more.


Before every meeting, Community Services will have a table in the lobby:

  1. Members can examine and pick up quilt kits
  2. Members can pick up and/or drop off “Do-A-Block-or-Two” blocks.
  3. Members can get help with quilt difficulties or give suggestions for improvement
  4. Members can pick up batting when it has been requested in the time prior to the meeting
  5. Members can sign up for Community Services Sewing Days:
    • November 17, 2018
    • February 2, 2019
    • March 23, 2019


Quilt Pattern Choices

Pattern selections for the quilts include many more possible choices; a divergence from using one simple pattern again and again. This allows for increased creativity and interest. I have selected many free patterns, and simple designs for us to use and drew up the instructions for many common quilt patterns.

To view the patterns members must login with their username and password on the EDQG website. The patterns can be saved and printed from the web-site where they are posted under the 2nd VP heading.

All of the kits offered use the patterns posted.
If you would like to suggest a pattern, or give feedback on a pattern needing some help, please feel free to do so.

Fabric Inventory

The fabric inventory is newly published, and open for use in “community services” quilts. Bolts of fabric are donated and available. To aid in this, all of the fabrics have been photographed and placed for viewing on the guild website. Please feel free to look at the fabrics there and contact me if you would like to use one for a backing or part of your piecing.

Please use my email or phone to contact me with the fabric description and number. I will bring the fabric to the next meeting and have it available for pick up at our Community Services table in the lobby.


Batting is available for community services quilts, if needed. Please use my email or phone to contact me before the monthly meeting with the approximate size of your quilt top.


Kits are cut and offered to use up the fabric inventory. The kits are designed to be “partial” kits – the guild has supplied part (half) of the fabric to complete the project, and the members supply the rest from their stash. This allows for individual creativity and expression while still using pre-selected fabrics.

If there is a quilt pattern you would like us to cut a kit for, please notify us at the community services table in the lobby.


The “Do-a-Block-or-Two” is a “shared experience” quilt option; many quilters contribute to one delight.

In this option, either background or highlight fabric is provided for the block; again the members contribute the rest from their stash. Variety and visual interest will be created in the quilt by the differences in the fabrics provided from the members.

Various patterns have been chosen; the quilts produced will be atleast double bed size very suitable for our Habitat for Humanity contribution.

Do-A-Block-Or-Two will also be present at the guild retreats, where special patterns and draw prizes will be used.

Do a block or two is merely a suggestion --- it is perfectly acceptable for a member to do 6, 8 or even 12 blocks or more!!

Charitable Organizations

The charitable organizations supported this year will be GlobalNews “GiveMeShelter” and “Habitat for Humanity”.

I have chosen “GiveMeShelter” to provide us with a December quilt delivery. It is an umbrella initiative, providing resources to many worthy causes.

For the “Give MeShelter” donation we will be doing quilts suitable for babies to teenagers.


Use the following link to view GlobalNews “GiveMeSheter”

Each year, thousands of women and children flee domestic violence to find shelter at one of the Edmonton and area Women’s Shelters. Many women leave quickly with their children taking nothing more than the clothes on their backs in a desperate attempt to get away. Having somewhere safe to stay is vital to these families.

For 14 years, the Give Me Shelter campaign has provided thousands of much-needed items and Christmas gifts for women and children who are the victims of violence in our community, as well as thousands of dollars in donations.

The donations are shared among these 5 amazing women’s shelters supporting families in need:

  • WIN House
  • WINGS of Providence
  • A Safe Place
  • LaSalle Shelter
  • Lurana Shelter

Habitat for Humanity has been chosen for a June quilt delivery. These quilts will be approximately double bed size as one quilt will be given per family.

EVERYCHILD2 06jun2018

Here at Habitat for Humanity we believe that everyone deserves to own their own
home, which is why we help provide home ownership to families in need in Edmonton and across northern Alberta. Through your generous Donations and Volunteer work, hundreds of hard-working families now have a place to call home.
Use the following link to view more information on Habitat for Humanity:


CHRISTMAS donations

Our much beloved Christmas Donations will be for the GiveMeShelter campaign. Our Christmas drive this year will be called “GiveMeDignity” and we will be collecting undergarments for all ages. Let’s do our best and contribute to someone’s dignity this year with our Christmas spirit.

2018 – 19 Raffle Quilt

A quilt raffle will be held in the 2018 – 19 guild season. The raffle quilt has been created by the illustrious EDQG board members and is outstanding. The quilt name is “Because We Care” and it is a vibrant garden quilt featuring both applique and traditional piecing. 

The raffle proceeds will be split this year with 75% benefiting Camp HeHoHa, and 25% contributing to the Endowment Committee.

The raffle draw will be done at the year end banquet in June. In progress pictures are posted under the 2nd VP {Community Services} section on the website.

Community Services Sewing Days

There will be three community services sewing days in our 2018 -19 guild year. The dates are:

  • November 17, 2018 - 10:00am to 3:30pm
  • February 2, 2019 - 8:00am to 5pm
  • March 23, 2019 - 8:00am to 5pm

The location for the November Sewing Day will be Central Sewing South Location and will be McQueen Community Hall 10825 McQueen Rd NW, Edmonton, AB for the other days.

Members can sign up starting in September for one or all days. Participation during these group sewing days is restricted to community services quilts. Group projects will be offered, watch the newsletter for details.

The community services sewing days are potluck events. Please bring a dish. Let’s all live on the edge and not plan too much for who brings what – let it be a surprise!  The guild will provide coffee/tea.

The sewing days are free of charge. There is no cost for members/non-members to attend community services sewing days.

Call for long arm services

Please notify me or the community services ladies if you would offer long arming services for our quilt creations. Frequently we have quilts to finish and truly need this resource.
Frequently, we have special projects to complete or need donations of fabric for. Please volunteer! It makes the world of difference to us.

You can win!!!!

By participating in community services donations, you can win prizes!

The first prize offered is a one day ticket to “Quilt Luminarium by Ricky Tims”.  When you bring a quilt in for donation you name will be entered into the draw. When you bring in a quilt for donation that is created with a Ricky Tim’s pattern (or close facsimile) your name will be entered twice in the draw.

A retreat participation prize will be available. If you contributed to the Do-A-Block-Or-Two-At-Retreat your name will be entered into this draw, and prize awarded at the retreat. The mystery project selected is spectacular!

You all should receive a prize just for reading to the end of this document! Let my last sentence be appreciation for your help, participation and inspiration. Without you, we achieve nothing.






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