Members Workshop

On May 26th and 27th, 2018, Erika will be offering two days of classes to the guild membership.sewer

There is no instruction fee; the only cost to the guild member will be $10.00 per person per day to pay for use of the hall (McQueen Community League Hall, 10825 McQueen Road NW, Edmonton).  Payment is required at time of sign up.

The members will be able to sign up for the classes, for either one or both, at the table set up for community service.  The last date for sign up will be the May meeting.  

I have already received an offer to make soup. Our chef(s) will need to know how many will be attending each class.

Objective:  The ultimate goal is to reduce, reuse and repurpose orphan blocks in a creative and an artistic manner.

The focus will be the use of orphan blocks to design a modern quilt or traditional quilt using the orphans on hand with the view to designing a unique quilt top or wall-hanging.   The participants will be given information that will assist them in deciding which type of designs might work best with their orphans. It is about bringing forth each participants’ inner creative genii.  The starting point will be the orphan block each member has brought to the class.  Some quilts using orphan blocks will be shown at the beginning of the class to demonstrate how other quilters were able to move away from using standard settings.

No sewing will be involved.  All our efforts will be directed to using a design wall to place the orphans.

Then we will be using jelly roll fabric, coordinating solid fabric or scraps to finalize our unique design.   It is anticipated that some of the designs will need to be completed after the conclusion of the class.

Goal:  It is hoped that viewing others work on the design wall we will share our different artistic visions for orphans and that the participants will be inspired to repurpose more of their “orphans” in future.  

While this class appears under the header of 2nd VP, the final product will be yours to use as you see fit. 

The Charity program will not be providing fabrics or orphan blocks other than those I have personally made and will be have available for use by those participants who need more blocks or would like a greater variety.

Supply list for this class:

  • Minimum 6 orphans (they can be varied or the same block repeated)
  • Design wall (at least 4 feet by 6 feet, or alternatively a table cloth with flannel on reverse)
  • Masking tape to hang design wall
  • 3 to 7 pieces of fabric that coordinate with blocks (fat quarters or larger)
  • Alternatively, coordinating scrap fabrics - multiple pieces sufficient to make up top 
  • Alternatively, coordinating jelly roll fabric - one jelly roll of 40 strips
  • One piece of neutral fabric (at least a meter) 
  • Scissors 
  • Ofla knife (with sharp blade please)
  • Cutting Board 
  • Variety of rulers, triangles and squares
  • Note book and pencil
  • Straight pins 
  • One package white tissue paper

Supply list for the second day:

  • All of the above except the fabric as the fabric required is as listed here
  • 2 Pieces of dated fabric that you no longer like or find useful (at least ½ meter each)
  • 2 Pieces of fabric (at least ½ meter) that you bought but now see as “ugly” – you are asking
  • yourself why you liked it in the first instance
  • A ½ meter piece of fabric you acquired just because it was so “ugly” it was interesting
  • A meter of fabric that is a neutral in the broadest terms (a solid, or a very small print that reads as
  • solid)

Please note: If you do not have ½ meters, smaller pieces will work if they add to ½ meter. If nothing in your “stash” fits the description perhaps another member has something you could use. In the course of the class there will be a fabric exchange of 2 pieces of “ugly” fabric.

This class will again focus on design. The good is represented by the solid neutral which is used a background to calm the “ugly” fabric or to act as a bridge and include with the other fabrics for the best artistic effect. The bad… those fabrics whose dye run, which crackle when washed or are too flimsy to use in a quilt (unless doing a wall hanging these do not get used) . The “ugly” are those unique treasures which provide inspiration. The challenge will be coming up with creative ideas for using those fabrics that seem to take over, dominate by virtue of their design and colour. We will be looking at ways to incorporate them successfully into our quilt. The participants will share their ideas on how the fabric might be used, and we will learn from each other as each participant works on the design wall.

Goal: to work with the fabrics forming part of a quilter’s stash “the why did I buy this” fabrics or the “dated fabrics” that don’t seem to work

Objective: To learn from the other participants. Observe how other participants use the “difficult fabrics” so that we are able to conclude that there are few “ugly fabrics”. To gain an understanding of how a “difficult” fabric can become the starting point for a very successful design.

A sign up list will be available at the April and May meetings and we still have lots of room for more members. The location can accommodate at least 20 persons per day.

Thanks to our Past President, Laurrie Gerzanich who arranged for the location for this special teaching retreat.

We are hopeful that the two days of classes will provide creative solutions for those UFO's we all have, as well as providing assistance to both new members as well as those looking for some information relating to both design and construction of quilts in general.



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