Quilt Raffle

Quilt Raffle Tickets have arrived.

The raffle quilt will be on display in the lobby of the RAM prior to the April guild meeting and again in May and June.   Feel free to photograph it as many times as you wish but please resist the urge to touch the wonderful quilting Cheryl McCrea choose to use specifically for this quilt.  

The tickets for the quilt are $5.00 each with a thousand tickets printed to date.  The tickets will can be purchased at the community service table each month until the general meeting of October 2018.   The tickets will also be sold by the Good Samaritan Society at their various locations throughout the Edmonton area.  

For those who wish to support the Good Samaritan Society by selling tickets, booklets containing 25
tickets each are available at the community service table before the start of the general meeting.  The
Alberta Gaming Commission needs a record of those who have the booklets.  The sign-up sheet along
with the booklets will be available at the table. 

If you wish to pick a ticket booklet before the next meeting, please contact me by email
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Mutually convenient arrangements can be made for delivery of a booklet.  The
Society has printed a poster to assist with the sales showing the quilt to and those will be provided to at
the same time as the booklet.

We are currently looking at making arrangements for displaying the quilt over the summer at a variety of
different locations to encourage sales.

The ticket draw will take place on November 1st, 2018, at the old CBC building on 75 Street, the office
headquarters for the Good Samaritan Society.   No time has been given for the draw on the ticket.  As we
get closer to the draw date, I will ask the Good Samaritan Society to inform us of the time set.   It is
reasonable to assume the draw will occur during working hours.

IMG 2580

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