EDQG Competition for Gateway to Adventure Challenge

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EDQG will be sponsoring a competition to select a quilt made by one of our members to represent the guild in the 2020 CQA Member Guild Challenge at Quilt Canada next June.  Selection of the EDQG entry for the “Gateway to Adventure” challenge will be made by viewers’ choice at the March 18, 2020 meeting.

We invite you to jump-start your thinking for this challenge by considering these two concepts:

- A gateway is an opening that can be closed by a gate, a frame or arch built around or over a gate (as is typical of prairie cemeteries), or a means of access of entry to a place (like Chinatown's Harbin Gate).

- An adventure is an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks (sailing? parenthood?) or an exciting or remarkable experience (a foreign vacation?overcoming a career or personal block? negotiating Edmonton streets during construction season?)

Once you have your burning idea for a stellar piece, check out the requirements online for the CQA Member Guild Challenge 2020. The CQA requirements are easy to meet:

  • Each quilt must have a visible amount of KONA cotton colour #k001-147 JUNGLE, along with three (3) additional fabrics on the face of your quilt. The additional fabrics can be a print or solid.
  • The quilt perimeter is to be no larger than 72 inches. For example, that’s no larger than a square measuring 18x18” or a hexagon with 12” sides or a circle with a 22.5” diameter.
  • Each quilt must be finished with binding or facings, or enveloped pillow case style.
  • All entries require a hanging sleeve at least 3 inches wide for display purposes.
  • All quilts must have a label on back with the quilt name and quilter’s name visible on it. 

Start thinking now about gateways and adventures, and watch for upcoming issues of the EDQG newsletter for updates.

Call for volunteers:  If you would like to help facilitate this challenge over the 6 months, please email Sharon Rubuliak, Coordinator for the EDQG Gateway Challenge at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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