Feature Quilter Nomination Criteria

The 2019 Quilt Show Committee is asking all Edmonton & District Quilters’ Guild members to start thinking and talking among yourselves. Who do you think is most deserving of being nominated as the FEATURE QUILTER to be honoured by the Guild?

What are some of the characteristics you might consider in your nomination?

  • Regular attendance at meetings, workshops and guild events
  • Constant striving to learn new things and evolve as a quilter
  • Supports the Guild by active involvement in various activities
  • Shares quilt knowledge and skills with others
  • Stands out as a person we are proud to recognize as a quilter, friend, mentor, teacher and all around good community member
  • Any other characteristics that you feel make them worthy recipients of this honour

Selection will be made by a committee composed of three non-guild members who will be named at a future date.

All Guild members are eligible for nomination.

So, get together with a few friends to discuss possible candidates for nomination.

Those making submissions will need to:
  • Seek the permission of their nominee to make the submission.
  • Using an anonymous format, list the characteristics that you feel make this person worthy to serve as the next FEATURE QUILTER – 500 to a maximum of 1,000 words.

The submission forms will be submitted electronically by 11:00p.m. October 12 th , 2018.

Please click HERE to access the submission form.

The person selected as the 2019 FEATURE QUILTER will be announced at the November 21st EDQG meeting.



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