2017 Show Categories

As the excitement builds, we promised you more information about the categories that will be used to register your quilt entries for Festival of Quilts.

Registration will again be online, will start in February 2017,
and will be open to all EDQG full members as of January 31, 2017.


Large Traditional
LTC - Quilting computer
LQH - Quilting hand guided

Large Modern
LMQ - Quilting computer
LMH - Quilting hand guided

Large Art
LAC - Quilting computer
LAH - Quilting hand guided

Medium Traditional
MTC - Quilting computer
MTH - Quilting hand guided

Medium Modern
MMC - Quilting computer
MMH - Quilting hand guided

Medium Art
MAC - Quilting computer
MAH - Quilting hand guided

Small Traditional
STC - Quilting computer
STH - Quilting hand guided

Small Modern
SMC - Quilting computer
SMH - Quilting hand guided

Small Art
SAC - Quilting computer
SAH - Quilting hand guided

3 Dimensional Objects
This category includes anything that is not a flat quilt for the bed, the wall, table etc. Bags, bowls, cushions and other items that do
not lie flat as well as clothing are included in this category.

Group Quilts
This category includes any quilt made by 2 or more EDQG guild members who collaborate on all aspects of the quilt, not including
a person who is paid to quilt a finished quilt top.

Hand Quilted Quilts
This category includes any quilt of any size or style (traditional, modern, or art) that is hand quilted.

Youth Quilts
This category is for those 17 and under who are sponsored by an EDQG full guild member as of January 31, 2017. This category
will not be judged.


Size dimensions
  • Large includes quilts up to 436” perimeter, any shape (for example, 109” square)
  • Medium includes quilts up to 200” perimeter, any shape (for example, 50” square)
  • Small includes quilts up to 120” perimeter, any shape (for example, 30” square)


  • Quilting – computer: quilted on any machine that uses software to guide the stitching
  • Quilting - hand guided: quilted on any machine where the user guides the machine or quilt

In addition to the category awards, distinctive quilt-making techniques will be considered by the judges to select quilts to receive “Best of”

More news on registering your quilt entries in next month’s QUILT CONNECTIONS!


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