The Festival Challenge

Quilting is an art that continues to evolve – from piecing that was completely done by hand to machine piecing; from scissors to rotary cutters to machines that will cut pieces from dies; from quilting bees and hand-quilting on frames to all types of machine quilting. What might the future of quilting look like?

Here’s your chance to dream and the only “limits” to this challenge are:

  1. One item used for quilting must be incorporated within your quilt, visible or hidden – for example, a pair of scissors, a template, a sewing machine, etc.
  2. The maximum size is a perimeter of no more than 200 inches.
  3. The item must be quilted.
  4. The challenge is open to individual guild members only.
  5. The number of entries per EDQG member is: One.
  6. All quilts, except those considered three dimensional, must have a hanging sleeve.

This category will not be judged but those attending the 2019 Festival of Quilts will vote for "Viewers Choice" and ribbons will be awarded for the three entries with the most votes.



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