Endowment Committee News

Quilted Garden Tour

Three gardens were venues for the Quilted Garden Tour on July 21 2018. Hosted by Penny & David Odegard in St. Albert, Debbie & Henry Pietrzykowski in St. Albert, and Cynthia Strawson in Edmonton. 

Endowment Report

Endowment Funds

Earlier in July, I met with the Associate Director, Development, Katherine Irwin, to receive a thank you from the UofA and an update on the Endowment Fund levels and awards. Of note, the way awards are calculated has now changed to be a consistent 4% of the funds available will be awarded. In the past this number was never revealed and seemed to hold steady to between 2.5 - 3%. The Edmonton and District Quilters Guild Award (undergrad) (E6043) currently has a balance and value of $73,964.75. The awards for 2018-19 will be two awards of $1500 each. The EDQG Founders Graduate Scholarship (Masters) (E0551) currently has a balance and value of $67,352.90. The award for 2018-19 will be $2400 for one graduate student.

Brown Bag Raffle

The Endowment Committee looks forward to your ideas for the 2019 Brown Bag Raffle. For newcomers to the guild, the Brown Bag Raffle is a small, beautifully constructed item, made and donated by members of the guild, to be raffled at the year-end banquet. Over the years we have made Christmas stockings, tea cozies, pin cushions, birds theme, stars, soft sculpture, bags (which we live auctioned), Mojo Dolls, button theme, quilted postcards and many, many more. Always beautiful and always treasured by the winners.

-Submitted by Kathy Strawson, Endowment Committee member in lieu of chair


Edmonton and District Quilters Guild Awards (University of Alberta, Human Ecology):

We are thrilled to announce that Ms. Sarah Fallavollita has been awarded the EDQG sponsored undergraduate award of $1,100. This is an annual award to a student with satisfactory academic standing entering fourth year of the Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology (Clothing, Textiles & Material Culture major). This recipient is selected on the basis of their academic standing (minimum GPA of 3.0) and a demonstrated interest in quilting.

The recipient of the EDQG Founders Graduate Scholarship is Ms. Josée Chartrand.  The following pdf is a Thank you card from Josée. 


Kathy looks forward to meeting them both at the President's Donor Luncheon on March 18, where she has been asked to speak on behalf of all donors. We are thrilled for EDQG to be singled out for this honour and for Kathy to provide a passionate presentation of what this collaboration with the University of Alberta means to us to provide support to the students.

The following is the speech given by Kathy at the luncheon.

Good afternoon President Turpin, Honoured Guests, Faculty, Staff, Donors and Treasured Students

On behalf of the Edmonton & District Quilters’ Guild, I am honoured to be asked to represent one of your donors. When asked by Katherine Irwin, from ALES faculty to take this on, I thought for a moment, ‘Ah Shucks’, then in the next breath, I said YES. It would be an honour and privilege to thank the University of Alberta for our unique community partnership
First I wish to thank you very much for honouring the scholarships supported by the Edmonton & District Quilters’ Guild, by featuring our scholarships in your Changing Lives campaign at the end of January. We do hope that donor response was favourable. We appreciated the opportunity to have our story shared in such a fantastic way and to be highlighted in such esteemed company.
Who we are
The Edmonton and District Quilters’ Guild has a membership of 243, men and women from all walks of care, commerce, industry and education, with the common thread of artistry and of the need to QUILT.
Quilters are often thought of as, silver haired ladies, gathered around a quilt frame stitching the afternoon waiting for the ding of the instapot. In fact, when that ding goes off, most of them are reaching for their iPhones. Most quilters I know have a 1200 square foot studio, and are always delighted to see that it comes with a full kitchen and a few bedrooms.
We are social media mavens. If you thought that Instagram was for foodies, then you have never met and “follow” a quilter. We have mastered Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,Snapchat (despite what Rhianna has to say about that) and I have just recently created a music video on Musically with my 9 year old granddaughter. We participate with hashtags and aspersands like seasoned pros.
What we do
Our guild is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Our initial Endowment fund was started 20 years ago with proceeds out of our then 20th Anniversary party. Since then we have done everything quilty and otherwise to grow that fund. In the beginning we had yearly auction of quilted Christmas stockings that happily coincided with home-coming and the Empy lecture. Human Ecology staff and alumni have always been very supportive. We, of course, as you may imagine, have done raffles of large full bed size quilts, small items that were raffled off at our year end banquets, and encouraging our members to make a donation to the funds when they renewed their memberships. Another of our favourite community events is the Quilted Garden Tour, and lucky for you, there will be a tour again this year on July 21.
Of course when oil was $110 a barrel, there were several opportunities when the province would do matching funds. Those were heady days, President Turpin.
There is also the opportunities for donors/quilters to leave a portion of their Creative Estates to the Endowment Funds either through a direct donation in their will, or for the committee to host a “Creative Estate Sale”.
Why we do it
I have had the opportunity to hear from one our Graduate Fund recipients, and she express her thanks for financial and emotional support. Emotional support! That warms this quilter’s heart.
There is an excitement when we find a new quilter. Someone who shares this art form. Someone who shares this LOVE of needle, thread and cloth. And it is not always about preserving the past as much as it about ensuring the future.
Thank you again for the amazing opportunities and collaborations provided by the University of Alberta.


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