September — Judy Villett

Collaboration Inspiration

My life as a quilter/textile artist has been blessed with wonderful connections.  Beginning with a traditional quilting bee, moving to round robins, themed exhibitions and collaborative work with artists in other mediums, working with others continues to inspire me! 

I was recently included in the exhibition Together In La Conner, working in collaboration with a painter friend.  We are currently working toward a joint exhibition based on her paintings and my textile art. 

I am showing my work with my son Brad in Lethbridge Alberta – our first joint exhibition, Natural Connection.  His work is carved stone, often animal sculpture that works beautifully with my nature-based wallhangings. 

I have been part of textile artists’ co-operatives both in Edmonton and Vancouver, creating wonderful themed exhibitions.  Also, I’ve enjoyed textile studio tours in my neighborhood, during which I was able to invite another artist to share my studio/display space. 

Most recently, I participated in Colliding Passions, with three visual artists, several dancers, musicians and a poet at Little Mountain Gallery here in Vancouver. 

I will use slides and samples to illustrate the work made for or inspired by these events.

October — Brandy Lynn Maslowski – Host of Canadian Quilt Talk

Your Only Limits Are The Ones You Choose…

One quilter’s journey through a challenging, successful, yet spirit crushing career as a female fire fighter to following her passion as a quilt designer, teacher, and judge. It has been a journey of exhaustion and triumph, of camaraderie and hostility, and finally a path to healing that has forced her to grow physically and spiritually in ways she could never have imagined. In her comforting and creative studio she has discovered her true passion and delved deep into the remarkable world of quilting with Brandy Lynn Designs.

Brandy Lynn truly feels she’s now living life to the fullest. As a Fibre Artist, she enjoys the Fibre Art Network challenges. She has landed several articles in fibre art publications including Studios Magazine and Fibre Art Now. She has published her first 2 patterns is also writing a children’s picture book. As a Teacher Brandy Lynn offers over 12 different fibre art and quilting classes providing quilters a taste of the traditional with a twist of artistic flare. Her keynote speeches inspire with 3 different topics such as Your Only Limits Are the Ones You Choose, That Silly Social Media, and Studio Magnificent. Check her Explore Fibre blog at  Her latest adventure is the Canadian Quilt Talk podcast. It’s an online radio show you can listen every week on the blog or just find it on iTunes to subscribe.

To find out what Brandy is up to, be sure to check out the website for a workshop near you! Just click on events and October to find the Edmonton classes for October 18-20, 2013

November –Kim Caskey and Kathy Strawson
I Spy With a Quilter’s Eye Through Ireland(and the 2013 International Quilt Festival of Ireland) 

 Co-hosts, good friends and guild members Kim Caskey and Kathy Strawson recently toured Southern Ireland with a bus full of Canadian quilters!  Offering a unique twist from an ordinary trip of breathtaking sites – Kim and Kathy offered their travellers an opportunity to participate in “I Spy with a Quilter’s Eye”, finding design inspiration everywhere.

Kim and Kathy’s tour group of 27 were combined with Gloria Reibin’s group of 16 from British Columbia to make for a full house, errr coach. They travelled to destinations like Galway City, Kylemore Abbey and the Connemara region, the Dingle Peninsula, Cliffs of Moher, Adare, Killarney, Blarney Castle, Avoca Woolen Mills and Dublin City.  The tour also included two full days at the International Quilt Festival of Ireland, with 17 unique exhibits of extraordinary quilts, big-name teaching faculty including Eleanor Burns, Bonnie Hunter, Pam Holland and local Irish instructors, a vendor mall, Quilter’s Castle and the legendary Wicked Thimble Pub!

Join Kim and Kathy for their entertaining, virtual “I Spy with a Quilter’s Eye” tour of Ireland and the International Quilt Festival of Ireland! 


 Textile designers and fibre artists of all genres are moved to create projects from many different types of sources of inspiration. This presentation showcases the journey of myself as a fibre artist and design educator that led to completing a Master’s Degree in Textiles and Clothing where I conducted research into how inspirational sources are adapted during the textile design process. I observed 10 textile and fibre artists/designers from across Alberta to see how they used inspirational sources provided by myself. It was an exploration into whether the use of 3 dimensional or 2 dimensional sources of inspiration made a difference into how the designers worked. On a lesser scale, the research also looked at the difference between how inspiration differs from influence in the design process. The outcomes of this research and ideas for further research will be highlighted during the presentation. 

February — Virginia Stephens 

 My practice in the visual arts (in which I include craft) has been a layer affair as I have negotiated the overlaying roles of educator, curator, administrator, painter and fibre artist. The first three roles have in most parts of my life been more than fulltime endeavours that greatly limited the time and focus for my own production but at various points in my life and especially in recent years, the making has a primacy and I begin to self identify as ‘an artist’. My ‘painting’ is really a mixed media practice and often the work will incorporate fibre elements (silk ‘paper’). My fibre practice has 2 parts – a function stream of wearable hats, scarves, and cuffs and decorative vessels; and an exhibition stream of less functional unique pieces, the largest body being my recent exhibition ‘What’s A Girl To Do?’ of narrative sculptural ‘hats’. There are similarities and differences in how I approach both mediums but there is overlap, as recently came home to me when a young woman in a store commented the hat I was wearing was ‘like a painting on my head’. In this presentation I will talk about the exhibition but also about intersection and layering of my practices and how I work. 

March — Jackie Van Fossen

 My creative journey and how has my interest in textiles and artwork taken me from needlework to my current work? I have enjoyed a long history of painting and dyeing fabric and threads, surface design and colour.  Creative work in multi-media including felting, free-form embroidery, quilting, weaving and surface embellishment. In the beginning….my mother was a sewer and she instilled in me my interest in sewing clothing from junior high school through to motherhood when I sewed nearly everything my kids wore.  I made my first quilt long before this mad fad became popular and carried on through learning embroidery at the Edmonton Needlecraft Guild studying under world renowned stitchers and quilt makers.  Studying and enjoying quiltmaking on my own and again studying with well known quilt makers – Yvonne Porcella, Nancy Crow, and closer to home – Anna Hergert, Anne Seversen – a great and innovative woman from Calgary, Lee Bale and Marlene Cox-bishop from the U of A  and your own Judy Villett and Laurie Sobie.  My work in quilt making moved from the traditional to ‘art quilting’ fairly early on.  Likely because making bed quilts took too long and I wanted to play with the fabric.  I wanted to see what I could do to change fabric from ‘off the shelf’ to ‘off the wall’ so to say.  I studied with Yvonne Porcella in Santa Fe, New Mexico learning about Setacolor fabric paints, with several instructors at the U of Alberta learning about dyes and printing and decorating fabric and expanding my thought process to see in new ways and process that sight into innovative thoughts and subsequently textile work. I learned to weave when I was given a loom that belonged to Helen Bentley – a pioneer in women’s work – teaching, silver smithing, embroidery and weaving.  My weaving has been filled with colour and innovative work supported by a group of amazing weavers with many years of experience.  And I continue to do a bit of embroidery. Since I had developed all of this expertise, others wanted to ‘pick my brains’ and that led to a considerable amount of teaching – For the Edmonton Needlecraft Guild, shops in several cities, the provincial needlearts conference, the Edmonton Weavers guild and the provincial weavers and spinners, and the Regina Stitchers Guild .  I have taught for eleven years for the Saskatchewan Stitchers conference.  I now have a ‘following’ at that conference and they insist on my producing a new project each year.  Some of my work is online on my blog

April — Margie Davidson

Inspired by Travel

In Feb 2012 Margie traveled to India as part of a textile tour. It was a fascinating experience and one that has influenced her textile artwork. The PowerPoint part of the presentation will show slides of the places, people and textiles in the remote villages of India that she visited. The trunk show presentation will show many of the textiles I purchased and brought back with me. Two short DVD clips are included in the presentation. Mixed into the presentation would be the stories of Margie’s travels in India and how the trip has inspired her as a quilt maker.

Charlotte Kwon, the owner of Maiwa and the organizer of the textile tour in India, has agreed to support this presentation by sending a variety of textiles from the same artisans mentioned in my lecture to Edmonton for sale to EDQG members. The proceeds would go to the Maiwa Foundation. This foundation exists to support the revival of traditional textile skill in developing countries and encourages financial independence.Margie DavidsonArtist &

May — Bernice Aebly, Guild Educational Grant Winner

This month we welcome the worthy recipient of the $500 EDQG
Continuing Education Grant for 2013-2014, Bernice Aebly.
Bernice chose to attend Appliqué Academy also known as TESAA, The Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy in Historic Williamsburg, Virginia, in February 2014.
Bernice first met Elly in 2007 while in Calgary to take some classes Elly was teaching. During the same time Bernice was taking a yearlong course in making a Baltimore Album quilt. The class was based on “Baltimore Beauties and Beyond, Volume 1” a lesson book written by Elly. How exciting, the person that had written such books was coming to Calgary! Since then Bernice has taken a number of classes by Elly. The ultimate experience for appliqué needleworkers is to attend Appliqué Academy.

Bernice’s presentation will include photos and stories of her adventure, and provide some history of the Baltimore revival, how Appliqué Academy operates and Bernice’s experiences of being a
participant at Appliqué Academy.

EDQG Annual Banquet June 2014
With Kathy K. Wylie

Lecture presentation and trunk show

Kathy K. Wylie, a multiple international-award winning quilter specializing in appliqué techniques in a “contemporary traditional” style. She lectures and teaches all over the country at guilds, shops and quilt shows and is a CQA/ACC Certified Quilt Judge. Her work has been featured in magazines, and her designs are available as individual patterns as well as in her book “Sewflakes: Papercut Appliqué Quilts” – a look at designs which are circular or radiating in nature.

Beauty really is all around us and provides a constant source of inspiration.
This lecture takes a closer look at designs that are circular or radiating in
nature. Kathy K. Wylie’s complete collection of papercut appliqué quilts is examined in
detail, revealing how each motif is transformed into a snowflake, a block, and a quilt.