(We Are All In This Together)

There is no force greater than an idea who’s time has come….

I had a lovely telephone call from my good friend Karen Osatchuk the other day.  She was calling to check up on me and once we exchanged our stories of isolation and thoughts on the situation, she told me she had been digging through her UFO’s – her vault, as she affectionately refers to it as.

Karen:  “I came across a UFO project that I think you have done too!  I thought of you instantly and decided to just call.”

Me: “Oh? What UFO are we talking about?”

Karen: “Topsy Turvy…. The pattern is a Japanese pattern with lots of applique and all the fabrics are Diawbo (Japanese wovens).  I’m sure you’ve done this too – remember?”

Me: “Um…. well (suddenly feeling very guilty and like I need to confess), yes I do remember that pattern and kit.  Mine is in the perpetual UFO stage too!”

We chuckled and she continued to tell me that along with the pattern and kits from the bin from the vault was the receipt! Uh oh… confession time… 2005!!!  We decided that 15 years of marinating is plenty long enough.  What better time than now to get working on it.

Karen: “I’ve always loved this project and I knew it was there.  Just waiting for the right time to work on it, I guess.

Me: “Oh, Karen…. You have given me the BEST idea….”

I collaborated with a few others, including Kathy Strawson who told me about Cheryl Arkinson’s UFO Challenge a while back.  Cheryl was conducting a bit of research along with presenting her challenge — also an interesting idea.  I contacted Cheryl and she has given permission for me to use her research questions for our WAAITT Challenge.

Your part….

1.  Fill out this questionnaire and send it to me. 
                   (Kim Caskey, program@edqg.ca or 780-288-9008)

Grab a pencil (you’ll need to be able to erase!) and a cup of your beverage of choice.  Fill out the questionnaire and send it ANY way you can (email, text, take a photo of your hand written paper and send photo to me, or just plain call me and I’ll scribe it on my end) or use the link below to fill it in online via Survey Monkey.

The point is WE WANT YOUR PARTICIPATION.  Even if you go no further with finishing your UFO’s, we’d like to collect this information from as many members as possible.

Here is a link to the questionnaire on Survey Monkey…


OR links to pdf and word documents…

2.  Register for the WAAITT Challenge.

Complete the registration form.  We’ll buddy you up with another registered member – to stay connected, to keep each other accountable, to have a bit of fun.

List all your projects under the appropriate headings if you need more paper, let me know.  List ALL your projects, not just the ones you think you want to finish now.  This will serve as a good record.

Commit to finish.  Choose at least ONE project to commit to finishing between now and when we get together again (hopefully the September meeting).  The more finishes you have, the more prizes you are eligible for.  If you want to add to your commitment list as the weeks go on, let your buddy know.  Hold each other accountable.  Share your wins.  Share your finishes.  Have fun while staying creative and productive!

Here is the link to the registration form.

 This pdf has the last page of the registration form only.  (The area to write down your UFOs).

This Word document allows you to fill-in your projects via typing. 🙂