Community Service Update December 2020

EDQG member Linda Tutt, who is also a volunteer with the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, submitted the following email:

“What a pleasure it was to pick up the Edmonton & District Quilters Guild donations this morning. I was able to deliver them to the Society of St Vincent de Paul’s Distribution Centre where the 12 full size quilts, 12 toddler/baby quilts and 60-70 pillow cases will be paired with bed sheets and delivered in conjunction with bed deliveries, to those in need. Please thank the quilters involved and relay our gratitude of the countless hours, talent and supplies that went into each of these quilts. I can reassure the Guild that these will not be sitting on a shelf but will be delivered soon to those asking for support and to those living in the greater Edmonton area. Some examples of recipients will be single moms, low income families, refugee families, and folks transitioning to independent living, such as the homeless and those from shelters. Below is a photo of the quilts at the St Vincent de Paul Distribution Centre, where you can see in the background the bundles of bedding, ready to be delivered with the beds.”

Linda also found out that the Edmonton Conference Centre Temporary Shelter does not accept donations at the site but one of the Shelter’s sponsors, the Bissel Thrift Store, 8818-118 Avenue, can accept on their behalf. Items can be delivered to the thrift store and on the bag, mark “For the Community Closet, Edmonton Conference Centre”. With that label, the donation will not end up in the thrift store, but will be quarantined and then delivered to the Temporary Shelter. Pillows are not handed out at the Centre, but the pillow cases can be stuffed with their jackets or clothing and used as pillows. Both Erica at the shelter and Madhu at the thrift store, thought this idea and donation was brilliant and very thoughtful.

On another note, if Guild members are interested in donating further to the Temporary Shelter, they are in need of the following:

  • lip balm
  • men’s clothing
  • warm outwear – not dressy
  • warm gloves/mitts – not thin or dressy
  • neck warmers, no long scarves
  • small containers of personal hygiene products, such as toothpaste, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant. Large containers will just be discarded-not practical
  • warm boots – not dressy
  • winter thicker socks – not thin sock

These items can be delivered to the Bissel Thrift Store, 8818-118 Avenue and marked “For Community Closet, Edmonton Conference Centre” if the Temporary Shelter is the recipient of choice.

The Edmonton Conference Centre’s Temporary Shelter is operated cooperatively by Bissell Centre, Boyle Street Community Services, The Mustard Seed and Bent Arrow Healing Society. The Hope Mission operates other homeless shelters. The Society of St Vincent de Paul helps those who are in need but live independently. All these charities will accept donations online and will issue a tax receipt.

I am so thankful that so many of you responded to my request for pillow cases. Please call me if you have more to pick up. My husband and I will drop them off next week. They will be welcomed and appreciated. The quilts also will make a big difference in the lives of people really struggling. I know you will continue to give in many ways and it makes belonging to the EDQG very special.

Merry Christmas and Peace to your house,

– Judi Coté, Chair, Community Services Committee