Community Service Update — February 2021

Two suggestions for charity projects for the new year have been made by member Linda Tutt and
the third suggestion is a request from the community.

1. Fabric Needed
Sask-Alta Days For Girls ( mission is to make menstrual products available to Every girl, Everywhere, Period.

Many girls across the world miss school when they have their period, experience menstrual shame and many girls can’t afford to purchase products. Days For Girls volunteers sew beautiful kits for girls which include shields (wraps around the panty and has pockets to hold the pad), liners (pads), drawstring bag (to carry her supplies), panties, wash cloth, soap and waterproof bag to transport soiled pads. The kits are hand washable and made in bright, colorful patterns and colors so they are fun, hide stains, and dry quickly on the line without embarrassment or shame. At the present time girls and women in Guatemala and Africa are being served.

Urgent needs:

  • 100% cotton fabric for the shields
    • patterns that are busy, bright, dark colours (stain hiding) prints (geometric and floral are best, at least 9”x9”)
  • 100% cotton flannel fabric for the liners (pads)
    • must be patterns that are busy, bright, dark colours (stain hiding) prints, at least 10”x10”
  • cotton and/or polycotton blends for the menstrual kit drawstring-bags
    • pretty, fun and bright colored prints are best , at least 12”x 30”

Call Linda or Brandy Burns 780-951-5339 or mail: to arrange for pick up.

2. North of 60 Project, St Vincent de Paul (SSVP)
Annually SSVP North of 60 Project in the Edmonton area, collects and ships a sea can of food and necessities to nine remote, northern and Arctic communities, including Ulukhaktok, on Victoria Island, on the Beaufort Sea coast. Supplementing the food banks and school lunch programs are the primary focus, but other needs are also supported.
Donations for quilters to consider:

  1. Baby Items: receiving blanket, quilt, layette and baby items (larger than newborn size)
  2. Twin Bedding: quilts, pillow, pillowcases to accompany the single mattresses, donated byAlberta Health Services hospitals.
  3. Sewing Machines. Electric sewing machines, especially ones that can handle heavy sewing, (i.e. leathers, furs). We have also had a few requests a hand powered, portable, non electric sewing machines (for when they are on the land for extended periods of time fishing and hunting). No thank you to treadle (foot pedal) machines.
  4. Stroud, melton, fur (coats or pieces), embroidery thread, leather (coats or pieces) that are
    suitable for outerwear.

Items are due on May 1st, 2021. This project operates on 100% volunteers and 100% donations.

Call Linda Tutt for more information or to arrange a donation.
Society of St Vincent de Paul, North of 60 Project
780-651-6486 home
780-667-8079 cell

3. Request for Discovery Quilts
Eden House, a long-term care facility with Shepherd’s Care Organization is looking for Discovery quilts (fidget quilts is another name I have heard) for their residents. They would like a base quilt of 36”x18” appropriate for a lap or on a table top of various textures of fabric. Quilters can add buttons and other items to fidget with or just do the base quilt and the Recreational therapists will add the attachments to suit the individual needing it. Edna House is only a couple of blocks from my house so quilts could be dropped off with me and I will deliver them.

4. Blankets of Love, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and St. Vincent DePaul which we supported last year are always looking for more quilts and I am sure you have your own favorite charities as well. I also know the time and effort you put into lovely gifts for friends and family who are also benefitting from the comfort of your quilts.

You make a difference in this funny world we are living in.


– Judi Coté, Community Services Chair