Community Service Update — March 2021

I delivered seven Discovery/Fidget quilts made by Marg Hrynew to Eden House this week. Way to go Marg!
Christine was very thankful and sent the following to be shared with our members.

“Please extend our greatest thanks to your members that took the time to create an opportunity for wonder and imagination in the gift of the Discovery Quilts. They are simply amazing and it is truly remarkable to see the immediate impact that each of these lap/table quilts has on our residents in regards to sensory engagement. Calm emotions such as joy and peacefulness are just a few of the visible gains from interacting with the quilts. With sincere gratitude on behalf of the Residents, Families and Staff at Eden House, I offer you a most heartfelt and humble thank you.”
Kindest regards, Christine Pompei, Recreation Therapist, Shepherd’s Care Foundation,
Eden House

Request from Victoria’s Quilts Canada.
“Quilters are needed to join a planning committee to establish an Edmonton area Branch of Victoria’s Quilts Canada (VQC) –
VQC provides handmade flannel-backed quilts to adults & children on their cancer journey in Canada.
We currently have two committed volunteers & 4 interested quilters. A local VQC Branch needs at least 5 committee members plus other support volunteers – Chair, Treasurer,
Secretary, PR/Communications, Fundraisers, Fabric Coordinators, Quilt Request Coordinator, Quilt-making Coordinator plus many more quilters, non-quilters and quilt deliverers. Explore the possibility of joining by contacting or

We purchased 18 meters of wide back fabric, 9 m blue and 9 m grey as that seems to be the need for finishing charity quilts. Let me know if you need some. I still have some other yardage and a few kits to finish as well.

Happy quilting everyone! It is all appreciated!
– Judi Coté, Community Services Chair