Festival of Quilts — February 2021 Update

The 50/50 Raffle draw was held on February 6th. The winner will be getting a cheque for $1,635.00!

Wow – thank you to everyone for participated.

Although somewhat experimental, I think it went well and was fairly easy to organize and run. Since this article was written prior to the draw, I don’t have the name of the winner. You should be able to find out by going on the Guild website or the EDQG Facebook page. There will be a video of the draw posted in both of those locations.

We will be giving an accounting report at the Guild meeting to let you know the estimated amount the Guild will make from the raffle. We will also have a short survey at the meeting to see if the members want to hold another 50/50 raffle. Please be prepared to provide some feedback to us through this survey. If there is support, we may hold more 50/50 raffles in the future.

With regard to the Virtual Quilt Show, we have added a Youth Category to the previous list. This is a category in which youth who are sponsored by an EDQG member can enter their quilts. More information about the show and all of categories is on the website.

I am looking forward to seeing all of the great quilts you have been making while in isolation. I know I have spent many more hours at my sewing machine in the past year and am grateful to have this wonderful hobby to keep me company. I have thought many times, I wonder what this person and that person are working on now? Soon I will know! I am also grateful for the many wonderful friends I have made through the EDQG.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the form or photographs, please contact Myrna Purser at quiltshow@edqg.ca or call at 780-909-2579.

Myrna Purser, Chair
EDQG Festival of Quilts, 2021