Festival of Quilts — March 2021 Update

March 2021

Congratulations to Gerry Lee on winning the $1635 in the Raffle and thanks to everyone who supported the online 50/50 Raffle to raise funds for future quilt shows. Quilt show proceeds were $1150.37. Expenses to the Guild were 13.8%. With new changes regarding mailout of tickets, the future cost would be about 11.3% of total sales. The funds earned will be used to offset the cost to rent space for the Quilt Show.

Below are the results for the poll done at the February Guild Meeting held on Zoom.



Did you purchase a ticket for the online 50/50 Raffle?

Did you share this link with friends or family?

Would you support more online 50/50 raffles in the future?


Will you buy a ticket if we have another online 50/50 raffle?

When we meetin in person, should we continue this online 50/50 raffle format?
When we meet in person, do you want to have the cash 50/50 at the meetings?

The Quilt Show Committee will discuss these results and make the decision whether to hold further online 50/50 Raffles. If we do, the online raffles will be spread over the next two years, leading up to June, 2023 when the next in-person Quilt show is planned.


With regard to the Virtual Quilt Show, the online entry form is up and waiting for your entries!

Please try to have the best quality photos possible for your entries. Remember, you only need photos of your quilts, so if you have made any and have given those away, you can enter them in the show by simply getting photos of the quilts. You should have a headshot of yourself to include so we know who is the creator of the quilt. Each entry will have two slides, one for the full size, finished quilt and one for a closeup of the quilting, with the photo of the maker to go on the second slide.

Wanda and Penny have been hard at work on the ribbons for the show. The first-place winners from each category, chosen by Viewers’ Choice, will receive one of these beautiful works of art!

Registration for the Virtual Quilt Show is Now Closed.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the form or photographs, please contact Myrna Purser at quiltshow@edqg.ca or call at 780-909-2579.

Myrna Purser, Chair
EDQG Festival of Quilts, 2021