Spring Virtual Retreat

This year the Spring Retreat was held virtually over three days, March 26, 27 and 28 with a total of 56 registrants.  Participants were able to come and go as they pleased throughout the three days.

Two presentations were offered on Saturday. Melissa Marginet shared her “Myth: Quilting is an Expensive Hobby” presentation on money saving techniques. Darlene Stasiuk showed her Trip to Paducah and museum tour in the afternoon.

On Sunday morning, Mary Pal’s “One Wild Ride” was a hit, with many attendees quickly registering for her online course. Sharon McMullen-Baron’s yoga stretch session on Saturday was an excellent addition. Unfortunately, due to host error, the Sunday session could not open.

Door prizes were very well received, with Darlene Bayley, Sandra Hamilton, Donna Cuyler, Sheila Jones, Cathy Schulze, Betty Ryder, Iris Greenhill, and Judy Clements each the lucky recipient of a $50 electronic gift card from a number of local quilt stores.

The Retreat Committee would like to thank everyone for joining in and spending such a fun weekend together.

– Darlene Stasiuk and Judy Schofield, Retreat Committee