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I am excited by all the plans our board and committees have for you this coming year. We will continue to meet via Zoom and are anticipating in-person meetings combined with Zoom starting in October.

I am pleased that Susan Johnson has joined the membership committee.

Thank you to our members who have renewed their membership. Cards have been delivered or mailed. For those who have not renewed, just a reminder that the membership year is September 1 of the current year to August 31 of the following year. Membership fees are due September 1 and must be paid on or before September 30 each year to maintain continuous membership and remain in good standing.

Due to COVID-19, last year we gave members an extra month to pay their membership dues but this year, this is not the case, and dues must be paid by September 30. This is according to our bylaws and although we are not meeting in person in September, our new on-line system to renew and pay is quite simple. Members can also pay by cheque and send via Canada Post to our address listed on the membership form.

Don’t forget to utilize your free guest pass attached to your membership card to invite a friend. Each member has one free pass per year. Additional guests will pay at $10/ guest.

– Judy Elliot, Membership Chair

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