FFAA Studio Space Opportunity

EDQG has a membership with Focus on Fibre Art Association (FFAA) and one of the benefits of the membership is the ability to utilize the FFAA Studio for EDQG activities.

Presently, EDQG is using the Studio on the second Tuesday of the month from 9 until 4 for Community Service activities, and Library Services (picking up and returning books that have been ordered online).

EDQG has access to the Studio on the fourth Monday of each month.

Would you like to use the space to gather to sew on the fourth Monday of the month?

The Studio has great lighting, chairs, tables, irons, and a cutting table.

If this is something that interests you or your bee group, let us know if you want the full day or just half the day. Do you want it every month? How many people would attend each time? Are you open to others joining you? Right now we are trying to determine how many members or groups are interested so please send an email to pastchair@edqg.ca .


Studio Event Guidelines
The Studio can easily accommodate up to 12 people for workshops, classes and meetings while following COVID-19 2 metre physical distancing guidelines.

COVID-19 Protocol for Fibre Art Studio
This tool has been developed to support activity organizers and facility operators in reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among attendees. The tool is meant to be used to assist with assessing attendees who may be symptomatic, or who may have been exposed to someone who is ill or has confirmed COVID-19.

Attendees should fill out this checklist 24 hours prior to participating in the activity or program. If an individual answers YES to any of the questions, they must not be allowed to attend or participate in the activity.

Data will only be saved for 14 days, and you must fill out the form for each visit to the facility.

Share your ideas with us by sending an email to chair@edqg.ca.