December 2021

Enjoy our Extraordinary December meeting by Entering Our Photo Contest!

EDQG Photo Category List

  • A Star Quilt
  • Something started or inspired by a class.
  • A purse or a bag.
  • A quilt based on a trip or travel.
  • A holiday quilt.
  • A quilt inspired by a photo (please include the inspirational photo also.)
  • Something that represents a season.
  • I used an ugly fabric. What was I thinking?
  • A quilt made with monochromatic colours.
  • A quilt that makes me smile, chuckle, or laugh.

Photo Contest Bonus Meeting

We had so much fun with our February photo contest that we’re going to do it again!  The Board has decided to add an on-line get-together on December 15.  No business, all fun!  We will have some GREAT categories into which you can enter your photos!  The winners within each category will be determined by the membership.  Will there be prizes, you ask?  YES!

To the left are (10) categories. You may enter only one photo per category, and it needs to be something you have made at one time or are in the process of making. You may only enter into 2 categories.

At the meeting, the photos will be presented to the guild anonymously and by category and the members will vote on the photo they think best fits category.

Stories can be told about the winning quilts. Prizes will be awarded.

Deadline: Photos, with a description 15 words or less must be sent to Judy E by Sunday, December 12.

We are looking forward to seeing your photos!

-Judy E and Kathy L