Festival of Quilts — February 2022 Update

10 Reasons to enter Your Quilt In the Quilt Show

  1. It motivates you to complete projects. It pushes all of us to get something completely finished, including the binding, label and sleeve.
  2. It makes you take your work/art/craft more seriously. If it is for a show, you will fix that sloppy seam or crooked corner, and you are happier with your work in the end.
  3. All quilts are beautiful and it feels good to share that beauty with others. It’s a chance to unfold them and let their light shine.
  4. People get to know you as a quilter. They may know you as a teacher, mom, accountant, or by whatever your profession is, but when they see your quilts, they know you as a creator.
  5. You get to see your work from a different perspective. Seeing your quilt in a show is like seeing it for the first time.
  6. Sharing your own self-expressions can encourage and inspire creativity in others. The creativity you inspire in others may, in turn, inspire you. The biggest benefit of entering a quilt show is to “give back”. I get so inspired by being able to view other quilter’s work that putting my work out there is in some way “paying it forward”, or is that “backward” since I got inspired first…
  7. It is a good time to take pictures of your quilts for documentation.
  8. Entering a quilt show is an accomplishment, and everyone who does should pat themselves on the back and take a bow!
  9. This is a celebration of quilting. Revel with others who enjoy quilting!
  10. Remember, it’s all about good old fashioned fun!

If you have never entered a quilt show and have questions, speak with other Guild members or anyone on the Quilt Show Committee.  All of these people are a great resource and can answer any questions you may have!  Myrna Purser  quiltshow@edqg.ca

-Myrna Purser, Chair: Festival of Quilts