February 2022

Janet Mireault: “Jumpstarting Your Creativity” with Katie PM

Our education grant recipient has loved quilting ever since she was a very little girl. One of her favourite past times was to lay under her mother’s large quilting frame and watch the stitches form as the needles went up and down. Her mother and grandmother both did quilting, painting, embroidery, cross-stitch, crochet, weaving, knitting and sewing.

Her quilting journey began in 1985 when she was a stay home mom with two young toddlers. Her first quilts were made using cardboard templates and scissors and then hand-quilted with pearl cotton just as her mother did.  She still loves traditional quilting but had always dreamt of doing the Fibre Art techniques.  In 2015, she took a few years off work and decided to try it all.  She took every possible workshop she could that had anything to do with Fibre Arts and new techniques in quilting.

She belongs to two quilting guilds, one of which she was a founding member, a needlecraft guild and a small fibre art group that she started four years ago. She loves sharing her passion with others and has always participated in showing techniques at Creative Stitches and The Works. She enters a piece every year in the EDQG Prairie Rose Show and has entered many of her original quilts and wall hangings in guild and fibre art shows.

Education Grant Recipient