May 2022

Cut, piece, and press the Easy Pin-Less Piecing way!

Discover an exciting new method to prepare, press and cut fabric for accurate patchwork. Learn a new approach to Pin-Less Piecing using Acorn Precision Piecing Products. See how easy it is to create accurate seams that effortlessly match up and stay flat.

This class is designed for quiltmakers of all styles and skill levels. 

Easy Pin-Less Piecing & Press As You Go by Little Oak Pattern Co. Ltd.

Shelley has been a passionate quilting instructor for over 33 years. She is the author of  “Easy Precision Piecing” from C&T Publishing. She has developed many new methods and tools to help you achieve spectacular results. Shelley’s System for accurate piecing and organization, receive rave reviews from beginners and seasoned quilters alike!

Bernie is a sewing machine technician with 46 years of experience. In his career, he has serviced nearly 60,000 sewing machines of all brands. He is the author of “You And Your Sewing Machine” and “Sewing Machine Reference Tool” from C&T Publishing.

Together Shelley and Bernie designed and created Acorn Precision Piecing Products.

Shelley and Bernie team teach. Whether it’s “Easy Pin-Less Piecing and Press as You Go” or “Build a Better Relationship with Your Sewing Machine”, we are sure you will learn a lot and have some laughs doing it!

Their goal is to give information in a very understandable and fun way that makes learning a pleasure. By having two instructors, they are able to offer more one-on-one time than you would normally get in class. It’s a great way to learn!