You’re Invited! Adera’s Leap of Faith Cheer Party

A fundraising event from a charity we have recently supported with our quilts.

Adeara is an accredited long-term addiction recovery centre for women and their children, located in Alberta. Formerly known as the Edmonton Dream Centre, we’ve been fearlessly providing faith-based hope, healing and restoration to women in need since 1998

Hey Edmonton Quilt Group,

The Leap of Faith Skydive is right around the corner. We have 20+ amazing jumpers who have raised $30,000 and counting for Adeara, and we would love to give you the opportunity to help show them how much they’re appreciated.

You can help us appreciate the hard work these students and individuals have put in to their jumps in two ways:

Donate $25, $50 or $100 to a jumper who is still trying to reach their goal ASAP. (Listed below.)

Come out to the Leap of Faith on June 10th, enjoy a burger and live music by local artist Josh Sahunta, and cheer our jumpers on in person!!

Sam Bolton (70%) | Dwayne Groome (66%) | Yordanos Belay (55%) | Elisa Ward (35%) | Kyle PARTON (27%) | Katie Boulet (16%) | Ryan Dick (12%) | Mikaela Dick (7%)

Every donation made goes directly to Adeara, supporting the 10 women and 4 children who are currently rebuilding their lives here. God is doing important work here – thank you for being a big part of it.



Kendra Thompson
Communications Lead
Adeara Recovery Centre