Festival of Quilts — May 2022 Update

Festival of Quilts – Save-the-Date Postcards

Postcards will be available at the May Community Service Sew Day.

Please pick up a few or a bunch for distribution to family and friends.

The success of our Quilt Show depends on the participation and attendance of our members and community.  We want it to be successful!

Featured Quilter Nomination Criteria

Have you decided who you will nominate for the EDQG Featured Quilter?  I have a few ideas!

Remember, the only members NOT eligible are Lois Miller and Laurrie Gerzanich.
ALL other  members, including those who have been previously nominated, are eligible.

More details about this will be in the June Newsletter and the link to the nomination form will be up on the EDQG website later this summer so you have lots of time to get organized and  discuss it with other members and gather your nomination ideas together.


If you have any questions, please contact Myrna Purser at quiltshow@edqg.ca or call at 780-909-2579.

Myrna Purser, Chair
EDQG Festival of Quilts, 2021