FFAA August 2022 Update

We are moving! As many of you know, our lease at Strathearn Mall is expiring this fall.
The mall will be undergoing a massive renovation/demolition and we are being evicted!

But there is a silver lining to this news – we sublease from the Alberta Council ofUkrainian Arts (ACUA) and they have located a new home for all of us. Located in central Edmonton, we will have access to a large work area and storage. The paperwork is being prepared and renovation quotations have been requested, with an expected move date of mid-October.

Once everything is finalized, the FFAA can start booking more educational workshops in addition to our regularly scheduled EDQG Sew Days.

Other news includes the friendly resignation of our President, Vicki Robson, and the announcement of our new President, Wendy Cooper. We now require a new Vice President to replace Wendy Cooper. Any interested members can contact FFAA for more information.

Watch the website for updates!