The 2023 Festival of Quilts is fast approaching and the Quilt Show Committee is working hard on the details to bring it all together.

We have finalized the categories for the show.  Many of the categories remain the same as in our 2019 show.  We will have categories for Traditional, Modern and Art quilts as well as categories judged for the exquisite quilting done to complete your quilts.  There will be categories for longarm quilters as well as domestic machine quilters.

There is a place for the quilts of every member of the guild whether you are an experienced quilter or just starting your quilting journey.   Once again, we have a youth category so please, encourage the young people in your life to enter the quilt show.  It is a fun, rewarding experience for them and all of those who share in their new appreciation for this textile art form.

Is my quilt good enough?  It definitely is!  You have spent many hours working on your piece and you have done the very best you can – it is definitely “good enough” so please share it with our quilting community!


Upcoming newsletters will inform you on how to register your quilts into the quilt show, how to make a quilt label, a hanging sleeve, and how to do an artist’s statement.   All of this information will then be put on the website for easy access.  If you have any questions or comments regarding the Quilt Show, send an email to Myrna P at

-Myrna P, EDQG Quilt Show Chair

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