15 March 2023: Elizabeth DeCroos “Korean Pujagi meets Canada”

Elizabeth started sewing as a child, and has always been interested in a variety of needlecrafts. In 2009, she took her young family to South Korea, where she had the opportunity to learn pojagi – a traditional Korean art form that goes back thousands of years.

Upon returning to Canada, Elizabeth developed techniques for similar patchwork using a sewing machine and materials more readily available in the west. Her batik window hangings look like stained glass in the sun.

She works with this technique in her home base – Epida Studio. Her pattern line is called Epida Designs and she publishes pojagi patterns as well as traditional quilting and embroidery patterns. She teaches live workshops both in person and virtually and has on-demand courses.

You can see tutorials and inspiration at epidastudio.com.



Pronunciation guide: “DeCroos” is like “De Cruz”

“Epida” is “ee pi dah”

“Pojagi” is “poe jah ghee”