Brown Bag “Bag” Raffle

As part of our ongoing fundraising, this year we will be doing a brown bag raffle at the guild’s year end banquet on June 14, 2023 at the Alberta Teachers Association.

For this year’s brown bag raffle we have been accepting bags of all types made by very generous members. Shopping bags, overnight bags, make up bags, quilting project bags, carry all your rulers bag, retreat bags, bags of all types

Some of you may be new to the Brown Bag Raffle. In short, we sell you a two sided ticket and you put one half in the brown bag that is associated (and numbered the same) with the bag or bags of your choice. You hang onto the second half of your ticket and cross your fingers hoping that we will draw your number from the bag. Ticket prices TBD.


Kathy S
on behalf of Endowment Committee