Community Service Update – June 2023

Author: Judi C, Chair, Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee will continue to meet over the summer. Dates at the FFAA Studio on 10554-110 street NW are June 13th, July 11, and August 8, 9:30-4:00 pm.

September 12th will be our first meeting in the fall.

We continue to receive donations of fabric from elderly seniors who are no longer able to quilt so we have a lot of fabric to work with and many requests for more quilts. We will also keep our ears open for needs of communities that have suffered fire damage.

Please call if you have any questions or suggestions for donations and enjoy the lovely thank you note from The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

The EDQG charity quilt volunteers create such beautiful quilts for others. We, the Society of St Vincent de Paul, thank you and appreciate your donations and the ongoing support so we can collaboratively serve those in need both locally and in the Arctic.

Just this week we had a call from a single mother of three boys, age 2, 3 and 4, who has very little and is setting up an apartment. They will be the recipients of furniture, household necessities and some of your quilts. Many mattresses and a couple boxes of your last beautiful quilt and receiving blanket donations are on their 4-month journey, via road, river and ocean to Ulukhaktok.

Could we request twin, double or queen bed size quilts? Knowing that it is so much more work to create but when we deliver mattresses and beds, we always accompany each delivery with a set of sheets, blanket or quilt, pillows and pillowcases. We have many clients who have been sleeping on the floor or a mat, so a bed is often requested.

I think of all you have provided with comfort and joy by the works of your hands. Thanks again Edmonton and District Quilt Guild.

Yours sincerely,

-Linda T., Chair, St Albert, Society of St Vincent de Paul, North of 60 Project, SSVP member, EDQG member