Award Winner: Katelin Karbonik


Exploring Clothing through Mounting in
the Anne Lambert Collection

The following article is by Katelin Karbonik, one of the award winners of the fund, about a project she worked on with textile conservation intern, Alison Moule

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The Anne Lambert Clothing & Textile Collection was used to teach how to research, date, and mount an ensemble. A foundational skill in the care and interpretation of clothing artifacts, mounting is also increasingly being recognized as a research tool, allowing museum professionals the opportunity to explore silhouette and dressing in practice. Alison Moule, a student intern from Fleming College in Ontario, chose a 19th-century gown from the collection to explore the mounting process.

After carefully observing the gown, Alison searched for dated primary sources (such as fashion plates) to determine when it was made. Alongside dating, she used these sources as a guide while modifying a mannequin to both support the gown and give it a historically accurate silhouette.