Community Service Update – November 2023

Author: Judi C, Chair, Community Service Committee

Member Carolyn R. has an update on the quilts that we set aside for the community of Fox Lake which was wiped out by forest fires this summer.  Some families were able to move back to new homes before the ferry had to stop.  They are now waiting for the ice road to develop so more can be moved to the area.  The Team that delivers health care services took five quilts to a few of the families and they were greatly appreciated. Carolyn still has more in her basement to go to this community, but more would be appreciated.

Our quilts are often a group effort and the quilt pictured here is no exception.  In the spring we received a call from an elderly quilter who was downsizing.  Several boxes of quilting supplies were dropped off at my house and we sorted through them at the FFAA Studio.  One item was a small pizza box full of prairie points.  The box sat on the shelf for a few months until one day Kathy S. said “Give it to me.  I will find someone to do something with it”.  She took it to a bee group where Carole D. said” I hate prairie points.”  Sue, a visiting Yellowknife evacuee said” Give it to me.  I will iron them flat.”  The group then trimmed them to a consistent size and Carole sewed the blocks together.  Kathy S. brought the top back to the next sew day.  Cheryl McK. and I picked out fabric for the back and binding.  Cheryl pieced together some batting pieces we had just received, and she prepared the binding.  I cut the pieces to make the back and Nancy W. sewed them together and pressed.  Vicky R. took the quilt sandwich home to do the quilting.  Brenda M. sewed on the binding and label.  Linda T. then picked up the quilt and delivered to The Society of St. Vincent De Paul for distribution to a needy family.  A young mother and father living in the inner city with 2 daughters, 3 and 10 years of age received the quilt.  The mother said “I love quilts.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved quilts.”

(picture by St Vincent de Paul volunteers and permission to print in our newsletter is granted)

We will continue to meet on the second Tuesday of the month at the Focus on Fibre Arts Association (FFAA) Studio at 10554 – 110 Street NW.
Use the back door.

The next sew days are Tuesday:

  • Tuesday, January 9
  • Tuesday, February 13
  • Tuesday, March 12
  • Tuesday, April 9
  • Tuesday, May14
  • Tuesday, June 11

On the same day, another household of three men and two women refugees from Uganda received some twin sized quilts. They arrived in Edmonton in late November and were setting up an apartment after living at Hope Mission. St Vincent de Paul delivered household items and furniture including beds and bedding. They were so happy to get everything but especially the quilts and pillows. One told Linda’s husband Larry as he was leaving that she” felt the love and thank you”.


What a team!!


Happy New Year! I look forward to another great year of quilting with all of you.