EDQG 2023 Festival of Quilts: Feature Quilter Nomination

The Feature Quilter nomination form for the EDQG June 2023 Festival of Quilts Show is now live on the EDQG website.

What is a Feature Quilter?

The Feature Quilter will have a special display area at our 2023 Festival of Quilts Show to showcase their amazing quilts/quilting related works. This guild member will serve as an ambassador for our Guild and will be available to speak with quilt show attendees.

About the nomination:

  • Three guild members need to support each nomination
  • The nominee must be an EDQG member in good standing
  • The nominee must be willing to let their name stand
  • The nominee must be available for the show (Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and 4) as well as for setup on Friday, June 2.
  • All guild members are eligible for nomination with the exception of previously awarded feature quilters

Your nomination will include a written statement (without naming the member) outlining why you feel that this guild member is worthy to serve as the 2023 Feature Quilter. Your statement must be a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 1,000 words.

Selection will be made by a committee composed of non-guild members. (Not naming the nominee in your statement will allow the Selection Committee to decide impartially)

Following are some of the characteristics you might consider in your nomination.

  • Regularly attends guild meetings, workshops and events
  • Continually strives to learn new things and evolve as a quilter, whether within the guild or the larger quilting community
  • Supports the Guild by active involvement in various activities
  • Shares quilt knowledge and skills with others
  • Stands out as a person we are proud to recognize as a quilter, friend, mentor, teacher an all-around good community member
  • Any other characteristics that you feel make them worthy recipients of this honour

Feature Quilter nomination submission deadline is Friday, October 14th, 2022, at 11 p.m.

The guild member selected as the 2023 Feature Quilter will be announced at the November 16, 2022, EDQG meeting.

Our Guild has so many prolific and accomplished quilters. We are excited to receive nominations and find out who you have chosen to nominate.

Thank you on behalf of the 2023 EDQG Festival of Quilts Committee.

– Darlene Conroy, EDQG Quilt Show Committee

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