Working in teams of up to 10 (including the team lead), members have created a fibre art quilt inspired by an original Alberta landscape photograph (by Alberta photographer Greg Marney, Beaumont AB). Team leads were selected on availability and enthusiasm.

Only the Team lead saw the original photograph. Each participant had a creation period of three weeks to create their interpretation of the clues provided, the exception was four weeks given to the participant over Christmas. Team leads created the first piece inspired by the photograph. The Team lead then sent a photograph of their quilt and artist statement on to the person #2. Person #2 created their quilt, then sent a picture of that quilt and artist statement onto person #3, and so on.

Each quilt is 24” wide and 18” high, finished with either binding or facing, in landscape orientation only (there was one exception).

Important Dates: October 16: was the start date of all teams with completion by final team members on May 20.

Prize winning ribbons have been created by Karen Osatchuk.

The Viewers’ Choice ribbon has been provided by CQA/ACC.

Winners were revealed at the September 16, 2020  virtual guild meeting.

Judges were Wanda Cracknell, EDQG member, exceptional prize winning quilter herself and instructor. The second judge was Lynn Douglas, experienced mixed media artist and an active member of the Seba Beach Quilters. Lynn was so impressed with the quality of quilts  she will be joining our guild in the fall.