500 Art Quilts: an Inspiring Collection of Contempry Work


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Editor: Ray Hemachandra and Karey Patterson Bresenhan

A beautiful new addition to the successful series

A vibrant and growing community of crafters has embraced quilting, and this outstanding international collection will inspire and captivate them. Juried by Karey Bresenhan, one of the most prominent figures in quilting, it presents 500 magnificent contemporary art quilts, made in fabric and other media, and showcasing diverse designs, materials, and techniques.

From their very inception, these quilts were destined for display rather than practical use, with an extraordinary quality of image, form, line, and composition.

Artists include:

Pamela Allen  –  Alice Beasley  –  Eszter Bornemisza  –  Jane Burch Cochran  –  Judith Content  –  Chiaki Dosho  –  Noriko Endo  –  Caryl Bryer Fallert  –  Jamie Fingal  –  Linda Gass  –  Jenny Hearn  –  Judy Coates Perez  –  Yvonne Porcella  –  Susan Shie  –  Jen Swearington  –  and many more!

Praise for
500 Art Quilts by Ray Hemachandra and Karey Bresenhan: “This collection of stunning contemporary art quilts is both visually and conceptually tantalizing. Juror Karey Bresenhan, the president of Quilts, Inc., and the director of the International Quilt Festival, offers a thoughtful introduction that reflects on the history of the art quilt. The quilts themselves represent the diversity of the medium and the vast array of approaches that can be taken within it. Styles range from realistic to abstract, and techniques from collage to patchwork. Many quilts demonstrate the finest examples of surface design, while others feature superb hand and machine stitching. One of the most moving aspects of this collection is the diversity of subject matters: portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, abstracts, and more evoke a wide range of sentiments and are a testament to the limitless possibilities of the art quilting medium. With so many artists included, this book introduces new and exciting talents amongst many recognizable favorites.” — Quilting Arts Magazine “The magnificent pieces found in 500 Art Quilts, edited by Ray Hemachandra, show how quilts are more than bedspreads — they are now considered true works of art found on gallery walls and in fine art museums. After a short introduction by Karey Patterson Bresenhan, founder and president of Quilts, Inc., the remaining 400 pages are filled with images of stunning 21st century quilts. Flipping through this colorful book, you’ll find that 500 quilts are simply not enough.” — AmericanStyle  “What an incredible feast for the eyes! These 500 wonderful works of art created with fabric and thread form a bountiful, international collection of the best in art quilts today. There is something new and engaging to discover on every page, one masterpiece after another. This gorgeous book is a must-have for every art lover, quilter, and fiber enthusiast.” — Martha Sielman, executive director of Studio Art Quilt Associates and curator of Masters: Art Quilts

Published 2010