Quiltworks Across Canada: Eleven Contemporary Works



Author: Gail P. Hunt

From the comfort of your own chair, take a quilter’s tour of Canada’s provinces and territories. You’ll meet these special quiltmakers and read about their personal stories:

  • Wendy Lewington Coulter from British Columbia;
  • Laurrie Sobie from Alberta;
  • Susan Andrews Grace from Saskatchewan;
  • Carol Galloway from Manitoba;
  • Win Burry from Ontario;
  • Adaire Schlatter from Quebec;
  • Iris Ethridge from Prince Edward Island;
  • Janet Pope from Nova Scotia;
  • Sherry Bussey from Newfoundland;
  • Pat White from the Yukon;
  • Judy Farrow from the Northwest Territories;
  • Alice Olsen Williams for First Nations of Canada.

This work has pictures of the artists, their quilts, their environment and their techniques and secrets.

Published: 1996