Bargello: Quilts in Motion: A New Look for Strip-Pieced Quilts



Author: Ruth Ann Berry

Create stunning quilts with flowing curves with this 8-project guide by a designer who offers a fresh take on bargello quilting techniques.

Here’s Bargello like you’ve never seen it before: stunning quilts full of free-form twists, turns, and 3-D effects that look like pop-art paintings. The biggest surprise is how simple these quilts are to make! Designer Ruth Ann Berry shows you how to use easy, straight-line strip piecing to create the illusion of curves in motion.

This volume includes step-by-step instructions for 8 projects plus directions on how to create your own designs. Perfect for daily use quilts or wall-hangings, Bargello piecing also provides a new way to slice up your stash―making novelty fabrics and even ugly fabrics look good.

Published: 2014