Erika Carter: Personal Imagery in Art Quilts



Author: Erika Carter

This book is an in-depth look at the development of one quilt artist, Erika Carter.

In the introduction on page 6 Rick Gottas of the American Art Company says, “Few works of art are more satisfying to see installed than Erika Carter’s fine art quilts.” Behind these words is a picture of a gallery show revealing four of Erika’s quilts. The effect is amazing, more beautiful to the eye than almost any gallery show I have attended. Erika’s style is incredibly painterly in style, to the point where on her latest quilts I have to look hard to see how she’s achieved her results with fabric. Her designs are colorful, but as the years go by they become progressively more subtle. It’s fascinating to watch as she moves from traditional patchwork to strips of trapezoids, delicate lines suggesting trees and grass until her most recent and incredibly delicate work with the softest of colors. Although the book contains no how-to instructions, any quilter interested in art quilts will gather ideas. This is the sort of book to keep by the bed or bath, to study at leisure

Published: 1996