Impressionist Palette: Quilt Color and Design



Author: Gai Perry

Impressionist Palette, the follow-up to Gai Perry’s highly successful Impressionist Quilts, expands your horizons for interpreting nature’s landscapes into pictoral quilts with an Impressionist flair. Gai’s original technique, which places squares on point, softens fabric edges and gently blends color—furthering the illusion of viewing a real painting.

  • Learn how to select the right additions to your fabric palette and embellish your Impressionist Landscape quilt with patch appliqué and highlight painting.
  • Find your personal palette using Gai’s color enrichment concept.
  • Instructions for six projects are included, as well as beautiful photographs showcasing the work of Gai and some of her fellow “fabric gardeners.”

The versatile technique and design principles are simple enough for beginners to understand, while also presenting continuing challenges for experienced quiltmakers.

Published: 1997