Magical Hexagons: Simple Steps to Dynamic Quilts



Author: Martha Thompson

Give hexagons an all-new twist with this “magical” method! Discover a simplified method for cutting, sewing, and recutting hexagons into beautiful, unexpected designs. You’ll love the results you get from playing with this one-of-a-kind technique. · Choose from 10 eye-popping projects–simply stitch hexagons together, cut triangles from the piece, and re-sew them in easy rows to create vibrant, swirling patterns.

  • Discover special tips for cutting and piecing that eliminate any anxiety over matching points; large templates with built-in angles do away with complicated calculations
  • Use leftover hexagons from one project to make another gorgeous quilt–just rearrange shapes or add a new fabric for a totally different look
  • Combine hexagons and straight-line piecing for stunning quilts that only look difficult to piece!

Published: 2002