Quilting Makes the Quilt



Author: Lee Cleland

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to ‘tryon’ quilting designs? Well, now you can! Lee Cleland, one of Australia’s most popular quilting instructors, shows you how in this authoritative guide to selecting the perfect quilting pattern for your quilt.  Lee’s unique approach to choosing a quilting pattern is perfect if you have trouble visualizing how different designs might look on your quilt top.

You’ll see 12 traditional quilt patterns, each pieced five times using the same fabrics and then quilted using five different designs.  You’re minutes away from taking your first stitch with these pullout patterns for 11 of the more unusual quilting designs.  Detailed instructions for making your quilting designs fit your quilt top are at your fingertips, along with information on how to assemble your quilt, prepare it for quilting and finish it.  All the information you need to make each of the 12 beautiful quilts is right here!

Many of these traditional designs are rotary cut and speed pieced; a few require templates. All of these quilts are perfect for beginning quilters.

Published: 1994