Show Me How to Plan My Quilting: Design Before You Piece



Author: Kathy Sandbach

A Fun, No Mark Approach

Plan the quilting before planning the quilt top, and the results will really sing! In Show Me Why Quilting Comes First, author Kathy Sandbach does show exactly why this method really works. Step-by-step instructions teach how to choose fabrics and threads to highlight quilting, how to leave areas open for fancy quilting, how to echo design motifs from fabrics, and how to use trapunto and other special effects. Six complete quilt projects and more than 30 great quilting designs, plus easy quilting motifs such as leaves, flower, cars, animals, and more, are sure to produce quilts that make everyone say, “So that’s why the quilting comes first!”  Build machine quilting into projects from the very start

Published: 2007