Speakers 2017-2018

October 2017 – Corey Ralph/Daltyn Evans – Boys on the Block

Corey and Dalton will examine the role quilting and the trend to men’s quilting in Canada and beyond.  The ‘Boys’ will discuss what got them started in quilting, what inspires them and how they use quilting as a means to help others. Examples of the great work being done by other male quilters, a trunk show and a few surprises are in store! 

November 2017 – Wanda Cracknell – Beads, Baubles and Beautiful Baskets

If you have seen one of Wanda’s incredible creations, you know just how beautiful these baskets are. Encrusted with beads, buttons and baubles, Wanda creates each unique piece with its own theme. Wanda will take us through her process of assembly and maybe you will be inspired to make one too.

January 2018 – Brenda Goodkey – Working With Men’s Shirtings

We are pleased to welcome Brenda Goodkey to present her recent work using men’s shirting samples. Brenda began sewing as a little girl and at age 8, she received an electric Singer Touch & Sew for Christmas. By age 10, she had moved on to sewing her own clothing, using her mother’s machine. Brenda continued her exploration of sewing and has worked with a variety of mediums from leather to lace. The quilting bug bit her later in life and she has not, as yet, been able to recover from its effects! Most recently, Brenda has been exploring the assembly of many quilts using men’s shirting samples – what else do you do if you have been gifted a huge collection of men’s shirting samples or swatches? What are you to do with over 4000 pieces of 6″ x 14″, fine Italian milled cotton and wool fabrics, all muted colors in a variety of patterns? Brenda will present her trunk show of finished quilts, each with their own story.

February 2018 – Jeltje van Essen – Artist Journey

Hear the incredible journey of Jeltje van Essen – a high profile IT professional in 2005 to entrepreneur and self-employed Quilt Shop owner in 2007! Jeltje’s first stiches as a quilter were taken while on vacation in Australia in 2005 – one of those pivotal moments in life when you just know you have found your passion. That can’t-stop-it-if-you-tried calling to follow her passion drove her to buy a small building in the perfect location of her home town, renovate it from the bottom up, and open her quilt shop, 100 Roses in less than 6 months. Jeltje has since taught many classes, hosted numerous retreats, organized a few group Dear Jane quilt projects, co-hosted the Share Jane project, hosted well-known quilt artists such as Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mabley, Sarah Fielke, and Leslie McConnell, and is now focused on building a quilt retreat center in the heart of France. The slow-stitching movement in Europe is not only extremely popular, but is just a way of life. Jeltje’s handwork skills are remarkable, and she will expertly guide you through the learning process.

March 2018 – Sadie Munro – Education Grant Winner/Laura Heine Retreat

Education Grant Winner, Sadie Munro will entertain us with her experience of attending the Laura Heine Retreat in September 2017. Laura Heine is a very well-known quilter and fabric artist, specializing in a collage-style applique process. Laura’s popular patterns and projects can be seen throughout the quilt world these days and Sadie will show us what she’s done to join that exciting group.

April 2018 – Mary Wilton – Saying Yes Leads to….

Mary will take us through her journey and development as a fibre artist, showcase her work and provide details about the variety of techniques she uses. She will also share how her background as an artist influenced her prior work as a social worker/addictions counselor. She will speak about her involvement with the music of Carolyn McDade and volunteer commitment to the “All Beings Confluence” Project (Martha Cole). Mary will reflect on the power of “Saying Yes” and the opportunities that have opened up through staying open to risk and change.

May 2018 – Paula Rafferty – Art Therapy Program Director, Limerick Prison for Men

Trained as a fashion designer, Paula has been working with textiles for many years. Her natural transition into quilting officially began in 2002 after joining the Irish Patchwork Society, when she started attending workshops by local and international teachers. “I really leaned towards Art Quilts and each quilt I created was a learning process, exploring new techniques, finding out which I liked”.

Paula has been a full-time art teacher in Limerick Prison for Men for the last 15 years. “I work mainly in textiles, but over the years I have worked with mosaic and stained glass, felting and various printmaking techniques, drawing and painting. As my own quilting skills have developed, I have passed them on to my students. I believe my enthusiasm for textiles has been passed on to my students, allowing and facilitating them to create work they never thought possible.”

“I started to show the work in quilt shows several years ago and the response has been amazing. It is a privilege to be able to show something positive that comes out of such a negative environment. I believe we are all capable of amazing things; the only thing that stops most of us is our own self-doubt.”