The EDQG Library is available for all our members to borrow. We have a collection of over 500 books, covering many different areas of quilting. These books are brought to each meeting for all to browse.

Members can borrow up to five books per meeting. The borrowing term is one month, so the books are returned at the next meeting.

Books can be renewed for another month, if there are no requests for that book.

In November, books are on loan until January, as we have no December meeting. The last month to borrow books is April, as all books are returned in May for the committee to do an inventory.

There is a fine for overdue books. Members can contact the Library Committee’s Head to renew books, if they are not going to be at the meeting.

Members can also contact the Library Committee’s Head if they want to request a book for pick up at the next meeting.

A current listing of our books, by title and author, is available to our members (in the members’ area) to help with browsing the collection.

The library raises its’ funds to purchase books for the library by having a book raffle each month. A choice of two varied quilting titles are available, chosen by the Library Committee.

Come check out the Library corner at the next meeting you attend.